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Welcome to winter, our absolute favourite time of year! Even though the sun has disappeared, the dark season can be bright and dazzlingly beautiful as the snow illuminates the landscape. From mid-February, you can experience fantastic skiing and winter adventures in our area.

And if we’re not quite ready for major outdoor exertions, we can quite simply enjoy the winter. Become aware of the scent of snow. Listen to it creak beneath our feet. Enjoy the sight of millions of glimmering crystals. Feel the sub-zero temperatures stinging our cheeks.

“The dark season – filled with light and brilliant adventures.”

While the year is still clothed in white, it is an ideal time to bring the entire department to Juvet for meetings or seminars – not only for social reasons but also for the professional benefits it brings. The winter is a wonderful time of year, and an excellent time for forward planning of management and strategy work.

We offer a calm, sheltered and inspirational environment for both individuals and businesses that want to organise their own adventures – whether for a private event, an important management seminar or a productive strategy meeting.


To the top

For those who like skiing and snow, the area offers a great deal for you to experience. We have countless magnificent mountains in a varied landscape – from smooth rock formations overlooking the fjord, to alpine peaks with steep descents down towards the Trollstigen plateau or in towards Tafjorden.

We can also make the trip to the mountains by Hjørundfjorden, perhaps the most beautiful fjord of them all, and try to reach peaks like the Slogen, the Råna, the Kolåstinden, the Randers and Skårasalen – all within no more than an hour’s drive.

And best of all, it is all within reach! From Oslo Airport Gardermoen you can choose between 10 direct flights every day. From London it takes two hours to get here (Norwegian flies direct from Gatwick to Vigra Ålesund), and direct flights from Copenhagen and Schipol take just 90 minutes. From there, we can welcome you to deep snow, fresh air and exhilarating adventures in the mountains!

Complete package for groups
We offer a complete package, facilitating all your practical needs for the trip.
• We take care of internal transportation including pick-up and drop-off at the airport.
• Local food and history are part of the package, to help you familiarise yourself with this unique area.
• We have local certified UIAGM guides as needed, and all the necessary local knowledge.

For more information, please contact us by email or phone.


Direct from Juvet

We can clip on our skis right outside the hotel and head for the Trollkyrkja, 1762 metres above sea level, or we can make a more leisurely trip with mountain skis or cross-country skis through the valleys in towards Trollstigen. And if we still haven’t had enough, we can set off on an evening or night trip in snow-shoes or skis, with only the moon to light the way.

The best crossing of a mountain area starts at Hauge in Fjøra. From there, the trip takes us across the Mefjellet or Blåtinden mountain, ending in a phenomenal descent via the Sandfjellet mountain or the Trollkyrkjebreen glacier. Then it’s straight into the Burtigarden farmyard, where we can take off our skis and head straight for the sauna or hot tub.

At Juvet we know the area like the back of our hand, and we can help you with everything you need. This includes trip advice, tailor-made just for you and your interests, maps, advice on equipment and local guides.

We will also remind you to bring a packed lunch and hot and cold drinks when you are setting off on longer hikes – an element of the Norwegian outdoor culture you might enjoy.


Off-piste-skiing on Strandafjellet
The magnificent Stranda ski resort can provide unexpected thrills to hardcore skiers who like off-piste skiing and blazing their own trail off the beaten track.

The skiing centre is situated only 45 minutes away, and has been named the best fine-powder skiing facility in Scandinavia. We are happy to arrange guides if you need help finding the hidden gems, so you can forge your own tracks.

Parts of the resort have artificial lights for evening skiing, and state-of-the-art snow canons ensure good conditions throughout the season. Cross-country enthusiasts can enjoy 15 km of prepared tracks and unlimited opportunities for different expeditions.

Stranda is also a brilliant starting point for hitting peaks such as Brunstadkollen, Ytstevasshornet, and Slogen as well as the Norwegian Trekking Association’s cabin, Patchellhytta.


City life and architecture

Those of us living in Sunnmøre can reap the benefits of town and city life. The charming coastal city of Ålesund – Sunnmøre’s capital – is only a 90-minute drive from Juvet. It is a “must see” destination for those interested in architecture and marine life.

Ålesund has almost 50,000 inhabitants. With its face to the ocean and its feet in the water, it is washed by sea spray every day as it takes in the sea view. The city is a gateway between the open ocean and the fjords behind it. The fishing industry has been important for Ålesund’s growth since the 19th century.

Today the city has one of the biggest ocean fishing fleets in the country. It is a vital and secure harbour, and a central trading city for the region.

Take the opportunity to climb all 424 steps up to the Fjellstua lodge, and take in the panorama of the city, the ocean and the archipelago around it.

If you travel to Ålesund via Hjørundfjorden and take the 15:10 ferry from Sæbø to Trandal and Standal, you’re in for an unforgettable little mini-cruise.

Art Nouveau City of Ålesund
850 houses were left in ruins after the great fire of Ålesund in January 1904. Only one person died in the fire, but ten thousand people were left homeless. The people of Ålesund received help from the entire country in their efforts to rebuild their city, and crucial aid from Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. Within a few years, Ålesund was rebuilt as a modern city in art nouveau-inspired architecture, and the town still features houses from this time.

The Art Nouveau Centre, which is housed in the original apothecary building by the sound that gave the city its name, is one of almost 400 houses rebuilt in art nouveau style after the fire. Visit the Art Nouveau Centre and obtain an insight into the history of the city fire and the great rebuilding of the city.

If you wish to spend the night in Ålesund on the way to or from the Juvet, you should try Brosundet Hotel – an old fish-canning factory that has been developed into a hotel, decorated by the internationally acclaimed Snøhetta architects.


Life at sea
The pulse of the port city of Ålesund is inextricably linked to the sea. The local inhabitants have learned the fine art of walking in the wind and battling with the elements to maintain a steady course when storms are raging – which is not unusual. Traditionally, the city has made a living from life both below and above the surface of the sea, and the city has made its mark in both fishing and shipping in the region.

It is therefore not surprising that the Atlantic Ocean Park is located here, which enables you to stay warm and dry while getting acquainted with some of the rich diversity of marine life.

If you are not averse to some sea spray, you can go ocean fishing with Actin and Stein Magne, some of the most experienced ocean fishing guides on the coast. Stein Magne always guarantees a catch – and you’ll hear some good stories on the trip as well. You can bring your catch back to Juvet, and we’ll cook up something delicious.