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Sleep & Bath


When the day has been full of adventure and new experiences, it’s heaven to curl up in a comfortable bed when night comes. We have excellent beds at Juvet, in many different types of rooms:

20 beds in landscape rooms:

The first seven landscape rooms are double rooms built individually into the landscape. None of the rooms are the same, but all have dark interiors to avoid stealing focus from the natural surroundings, and all have glass walls with magnificent views of the river, the valley, the mountains, the yard outside or the dramatic gorge below.

The new single rooms, or “birdhouses”, are constructed in a slightly simpler way than the landscape rooms, and inside they are finished in light wood and notched logs in the style of the old Norwegian food storehouses.

15 beds in the old houses on the farm:

We have twelve comfortable beds in the bedrooms in the main house, two beds in the cabin in the yard and one bed in the mill house by the river.

Note: In Norway, there is a well-known poem that goes: “Don’t sleep away the summer nights – for that it is too bright. Instead we will stroll together outdoors, under the leaf-laden trees”. For those who find it hard to sleep on the bright summer nights (especially those who miss the presence of curtains in the landscape rooms), we have eye masks.

We all need a good night’s sleep and proper rest to make the most of what the next day brings.

All rooms have WiFi.


Nothing feels as good as pure, fresh mountain water. According to legend, those who drink from the waters in Olav’s well in Alstad will stay healthy and youthful. When you use our bathing facilities you are practically bathing in holy water – but first and foremost you are enjoying the magical properties of clean, fresh and invigorating mountain water.

We have built the bathing area into the river bank, where it is completely in its element. You would not notice this well of peace and relaxation from the yard, even though it is just a few steps away, at your feet.

Note: This is not a “beauty spa” where you get cucumbers for your eyes and mud for your face, but, if you like, we are happy to book a masseur from Valldalen for you (two people minimum).

The bathing facilities include

  • Steam room
  • Showers and dressing rooms
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Relaxation area with open fireplace for formal and informal gatherings
  • Quiet room where you can enjoy the river running by

Here we have the ideal place to wind down at the end of a long day. Whether your muscles are stiff and sore after a long day’s skiing or climbing in the mountains, or you just need to empty your mind, we have the perfect cure. Let your body enjoy the peace and the healing waters, feel inspired by the stunning architecture that sits in the midst of nature, and let your thoughts flow along with the current from Valldøla. You can also take a refreshing plunge in the river – but be aware that the current can be strong!