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Valldal Nature Adventures
Wet, wild and beautiful!
When we take you out on a river adventure, kayaking on the fjord or climbing, and we need experienced local guides our partner of choice is Valldal Nature Adventures.
The company has been in operation since 1995 and after nearly 20 seasons and a total of several thousand visitors, they know what they are doing.
Join Valldal Nature Adventures’ guides and experience the elements close up, in the fields and on the water:
– rafting in Valldøla river
– fjord trips on stand-up paddleboard or sea kayaks
– canyoneering in the Gudbrandsjuvet gorge
– climbing, abseiling and caving
– hikes and spending the night in a wilderness camp

National Tourist Routes in Norway
– Scenic roads for exploring Norways's breathtaking landscapes
There are still roads that are not merely designed to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. National Tourist Routes are beautiful drives with that little bit extra. The routes are carefully selected by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and each of the 18 routes has its own history and character. Their job is to make sure the routes are adapted to travellers' needs. They do so by building spectacular viewpoints with service buildings, car parks, furniture, paths and art.
National Tourist Routes are perhaps the largest single investment Norway has made in the tourism business. The National Tourist Routes present innovative architecture in magnificent scenery such as Gudbrandsjuvet gorge and Trollstigen in the vicinity of Juvet Landscape Hotel.
People have always travelled to see magnificent architecture, but mostly to see monumental classic constructions such as old cities, castles, churches, etc. Now people are coming from all over the world to see the fantastic modern architecture that National Tourist Routes have promoted – and in breathtaking scenery – especially if you dare to stand on the edge of the viewing points at Trollstigen and Gudbrandsjuvet in our area, and maybe Stegastein in Aurland.
Journalists who write about  architecture, design, lifestyle and tourism, have written column after column about this unique project initiated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, whose usual remit is motorways, bad roads, road surfacing and safety. A well-known architect once said, «The best buildings are those in difficult terrain». This is easy to see when you visit the fabulous stops along the National Tourist Routes.

Sagafjord Hotell
Experience the mountains at Hjørundfjorden from Sagafjord Hotel
From the newly-renovated Sagafjord Hotel at Sæbø in Hjørundfjorden individuals and groups can enjoy nature’s grandeur and experience exciting activities in the heart of the Sunnmøre Alps.
If anybody disagrees with our opinion that Hjørundfjorden is the most beautiful of all the Norwegian fjords, it must be because they haven’t been here. We appreciate this area so much because it is so alive. This very beautiful fjord is surrounded by dramatic Alpine peaks and there are people living along the entire fjord. Here you can see living cultural history as opposed to history that has been preserved and put into a museum.
This is where the tourists came over a hundred years ago and Alpine history started here when the mountaineering pioneers – Slingsby, Mohn and Randers – first fixed their eye on the highest peaks and set off. It is not surprising that they have had mountains named after them.
Hotel Union Øye is located on Øye at the mouth of the Norangsdalen valley, to which European aristocrats flocked at the turn of the last century.

Hotel Brosundet and 
Come and experience the culture and the natural world with 62°North.
62°North offers tailor-made travel experiences completely out of the ordinary. Trips to the bird island of Runde and sea-rafting with RIB boats are among the popular activities you can experience with a group.
When the day is over, you can rest your head by the sound that gave Ålesund its name in  Hotel Brosundet, a hotel full of character in the heart of Ålesund. The hotel is in a wharf-side warehouse built during the reconstruction of the city after the fire in 1904. Its interesting interior was designed by the world-renowned architectural firm Snøhetta.
62°North has other accommodation for you too – such as the Storfjord hotel a half hour’s drive east of Ålesund, and at Hotel Union Øye in Hjørundfjorden. This historic hotel was built in the Swiss style in 1890, and a hundred years later, it was restored to its former glory by a passionate Per Ola Ratvik. He collected interior detail from all of Europe for the hotel and has managed to recreate the mood from the time when Kaiser Wilhelm and representatives of the other royal houses flocked here. If you spend the night here, you are in good company with well-known writers, researchers and many others who vested the area out of the sheer love of it.

Stranda ski resort
– A marvellous place for skiers and snowboarders
The magnificent Stranda Skiresort can provide unexpected thrills to avid skiers who like off-piste skiing and blazing their own trail outside the beaten track.
The skiing centre is situated only 45 minutes away and has been named the best fine powder skiing facility in Scandinavia. We are happy to arrange guides if you need help finding the hidden gems, so you can make your own tracks.
Parts of the resort have artificial lights for evening skiing, and a state-of-the-art snow making system ensures good conditions throughout the season. Cross-country enthusiasts can enjoy 15 km of prepared tracks and «unlimited» expedition possibilities.
Stranda is also a brilliant starting point for hitting peaks such as Brunstadkollen, Ytstevasshornet, and Slogen as well as the Norwegian Trekking Association’s cabin, Patchellhytta.
This is a fantastic area for all types of winter sports enthusiasts  and with six ski lifts, ski conveyor belt, a children’s park, a terrain park, 17 runs and perhaps the best freestyle area in Scandinavia, most winter fans will have their needs met.

Fishing trips with Actin
– A lifelong memory
Actin provides unique outdoor adventures for both individuals and companies, both on the ski slopes and in boats on the fjord or at sea. Join them for a seafishing trip on the Møre coast or to fish at Runde. A catch is guaranteed!
Every season has its pleasures and Actin will take you with him on a beautiful nature trip with Sunnmøre as the starting point and main goal.  Whether you are travelling alone or with friends or colleagues, you will always remember your time in the wilds. Actin is known for good service, local knowledge and for giving guests special culinary experiences.
If you are not afraid of sea spray, you can go seafishing with Actin and Stein Magne, one of the most experienced seafishing guides on the coast. Svein Magne always catches something – and not least you will hear good stories when you are out and about. You can take your catch back to Juvet and we will cook up something delicious.

– A taste of Valldal, a taste of summer
When we have something special to celebrate at Juvet, we order a strawberry cake from Åse at Jordbærstova.
Jordbærstova is located in the middle of strawberry country in Valldal. As well as enjoying good food and drink, you can spend the night in the renovated old farm house – and join us for a walk in the strawberry fields of our neighbours.
Strawberries are a natural ingredient of homemade food in season. Their specialty is the lunch buffet served every Sunday – or upon reservation for a minimum of 20.
The farm Solheim was hit by a big avalanche in 1979. Shop, barn, residential houses, 10 cabins and toilet facilities were all destroyed.
Today the farm is rebuilt and restored, and as well as enjoying good food and drink, you can spend the night in the renovated old farm house.
The Cowshed houses a souvenir shop selling local arts and crafts, jam and our own juice made from organic apples.
Come and join us for a walk in strawberry country where you'll get a tasty dose of local knowledge. We visit our neighbours' fields. Every summer they harvest tonnes of strawberries and you will see how. You will of course have the opportunity of tasting delicious, freshly-picked strawberries.

DID adventure
Exciting activities amid nature’s beauty
Do you like exciting outdoor activities in the company of large or smaller groups of people? Then DID adventure looks forward to arranging a memorable trip for you and the gang.
DID tailor-makes sports activities in all of Møre and Romsdal for both large and small groups, while taking into consideration the abilities of the people in the group and what they can master. They have taken several thousand people on trips since 2005.
DID uses nature creatively, and prioritises security and mastery and looks forward to taking people kayak paddling, abseiling, climbing, trips to peaks on skis or on foot, pistol shooting, fishing trips, sledging and «Operasjon Nautilus».
DID takes care of all you need for the trip: guides, equipment for the activities, boats, transport, food and drink, accommodation, safety equipment, backup plans – and not least a good atmosphere!

Art Nouveau Centre
Ålesund – a «must see» for those interested in art and architecture!
The Art Nouveau Centre, which is housed in the untouched apothecary building by the channel that gave the city its name, is one of almost 400 houses rebuilt in art nouveau-style after the fire. Visit the Art Nouveau Centre and get an insight into the history of the city fire and the great rebuilding of the city.
If you are travelling with children, both you and your children will have a great time experiencing the history of the period through the time machine at the Art Nouveau Centre and through the exciting multimedia show showing the city before and after the fire.
Take a stroll through the many rooms in the protected building known as «Svaneapoteket» and enjoy the beautiful, authentic interior. The permanent exhibitions have themes such as «From ashes to art noveau», «Craftsmanship and architecture» and «The Beauty of Art Nouveau». The multimedia exhibition «Dream & reality» shows the relationship between society, culture and the emergence of art noveau. The Art Nouveau Centre also has space for temporary exhibitions.
Ålesund is a member of Rèseau Art Nouveau Network, a European network of art nouveau cities including Brussels, Glasgow, Barcelona, Nancy and Vienna. The Art Nouveau Centre’s  café is full of character and you can enjoy sandwiches, coffee and cakes, and there is a museum shop with a selection of quality products. The centre has an art corner for children.

Hotel Union Geiranger
For over a hundred years visitors have been coming to Hotel Union Geiranger to spend the night – and for the experience. Today the hotel is run by the fourth generation Mjelva family, who welcome the guests warmly to a modern, fully-equipped hotel in the middle of the beautiful, world-famous Geirangerfjord landscape.
Your hosts invite you into the magnificent natural space with steep mountain faces, thundering waterfalls and a deep, dark and occasionally quiet fjord. While you are taking in the scenic view from your window and are learning about the mountain farms with their incredible stories, you can enjoy a stay with unforgettable service, local food made from delicious ingredients and a spa to facilitate well-being and calm.
Over a hundred years of providing high quality and good service didn’t happen by accident. The hosts at Hotel Union Geiranger know that a good experience is created by small, well thought-out details, and the staff and your hosts are proud to fulfil their guests’ dreams, both large and small.

Geiranger Fjordservice
Majestic scenery, powerful waterfalls, mighty mountains and a deep, clear fjord – Geiranger Fjordservice is the local agent who wants to ensure that guests have a special experience in this world heritage area.
Its majestic scenery, mighty waterfalls, imposing mountains and clear, deep fjord have secured Geiranger a place on UNESCO’s world heritage list. Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come to see and experience the place, and Geiranger Fjordservice wants to give each and every one of them a positive experience.
Geiranger Fjordservice has local owners and offices in Geiranger. You can rent bicycles and cars there and the company provides transport, guiding and various adventure activities amongst other services.

Walaker hotel
Walaker Hotel is located right by the fjord in the idyllic village of Solvorn in Luster municipality. The hotel has been passed down through the generations and is a charming family hotel and an attraction in itself. The Nitter Walaker family has owned the hotel since 1690. It is the oldest family-run hotel in Norway, with a history stretching back over 370 years.
Walaker Hotel has guest rooms in three different houses, all in different styles. The rooms in the main house have old wallpaper and local antiquities. The assembly house is quite rustic with rooms from different styles and periods such as Empire, Louis 14, Baroque and Rococo – all of them with fabulous, interesting bathrooms.
For the 300th anniversary of the Nitter Walaker family in 1990, Gallery Walaker 300 was opened in the old outhouse behind the hotel. The building as it stands today was built in 1883 with materials from the wooden church in Solvorn, built around 1600. In the cowshed, which is a protected building, exhibitions are organised with local and national artists. The first exhibition opens on May 1st and the second on July 12th. Many of the artists will attend the opening.