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Eat & Drink

We serve dinner at a long table in the cow barn. Conversation gets lively around the table. Many of the guests have come a long way and have travelled far and wide, and it’s good to meet over a hearty meal. Even if we come from different countries and different cultures, we have many common talking points and much to say – be it about jobs, hobbies, children, animals, places we have been to and places we yearn to see.

Breakfast from 9 a.m.
We want you to be able to relax and enjoy the morning before breakfast. Wake up early and pull the duvet over your head and sleep for a little longer. That’s why breakfast is not until 9 a.m. at Juvet – unless you have to get up and leave earlier (if you have to catch a ferry or a plane, for example).

We start the day with good bread. We don’t present a wide range of spreads and cold cuts, but you can count on having freshly made jam for bread or cereal, homemade scrambled eggs and smoked salmon prepared in the traditional style. In addition to freshly brewed coffee and tea, we offer locally sourced apple juice from the valley.

As our guests are either on their way to their next destination or out on excursions, we don’t usually serve lunch, but we will gladly recommend places serving local specialities. You can of course make a packed lunch at the breakfast table and, if you are going out on a trip, take a flask with a hot drink if you like.

Dinner is served when our guests are back after the day’s outings. Then we sit down around the table to enjoy our meal together and talk about the day’s experiences. We serve good, traditional food that celebrates the local produce, naturally.

As a starter we might serve lightly smoked whale meat, gravlax or a delicious soup.

Main course
Venison, reindeer or wild salmon may be on the menu, or we will serve bacalao, one of our specialities, all depending on the season.

For dessert you will definitely be served something with a flavour of Valldal. The valley is renowned for its strawberries, but it also boasts lovely raspberries and tasty plums. The small village of Linge, the world’s most northerly commercial orchard, is along the fjord. So we have no shortage of good things to offer our guests.

For a celebration, we will provide one of the famous strawberry cream cakes baked by Åse at the Jordbærstova.

«While I was there, Knut’s daughter prepared a meal of salted fish and local sausages, vegetables, and cheeses. I felt more like a friend invited over for the weekend than a paying guest.»

Steve – guest and journalist from the US, Afar Magazine

Juvet is fully licensed to serve beer, wine and spirits. We are particularly proud to present the local beer, Slogen, from the Trollbryggeriet brewery in Liabygda 20 kilometres away. When it comes to red wine, we serve what we think best complements the food – a good Italian red with meat, for example, and to accompany the bacalao we would naturally serve a good Portuguese wine. If you like white wine, we offer Chablis and Soave, as well as a little champagne tucked away, of course. If you fancy something with your coffee, our offerings include a Norwegian apple spirit from Egge farm in Lier – the Norwegian answer to Calvados.

Juvet tailor-made
For groups we organise food and meals in consultation with the guests, to ensure suitable arrangements for their stay here. 

Taste of the National Tourist Routes
Juvet Landscape Hotel is part of the “Taste of the National Tourist Routes” project. Suppliers of food along the national tourist routes are ambassadors for good food, with a keen consideration for ingredients, quality, history and hospitality.

Read more about the project: Taste of National Tourist Routes «Mat langs nasjonale turistvegar»